Stop workplace retaliation in the Los Angeles, CA area

If there's one thing that prevents workers from calling out discrimination, it's the fear of retaliation. Under Los Angeles, CA employment law, when a supervisor punishes an employee for pointing out discrimination, that is illegal retaliation. This punishment may mean losing one's job, being denied a promotion, being demoted or being unfairly assigned difficult or unpleasant tasks.

As an employee, you have a right to contact organizations, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, if you believe that you or another employee have been a victim of workplace discrimination. Shine a light on retaliation by contacting an employment law attorney from the Law Office Of Andrew Park today.

Make your workplace a retaliation-free zone

Retaliation isn’t always as obvious as being fired after filing a complaint. Workplace retaliation can also include receiving unfair treatment after…

  • Requesting accommodation for a disability or religious practice
  • Providing testimony during a discrimination case
  • Discussing wages or preferential treatment among employees
  • Refusing to provide sexual favors
  • Refusing to engage in discriminatory behavior

Fair treatment laws prevent your employer from discriminating against you for engaging in any legal activities. If you suspect retaliation at your workplace, call our Los Angeles, CA office at 213-344-8440 now.