The Law Office of Andrew Park is a boutique law firm serving Southern California. We are aggressive in your personal injury claims, employment issues - discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage violations, child support and divorce cases. We will vigorously and aggressively defend you from deportation from the United States in Immigration Court and criminal prosecutions in State Court.

Why us? Reputation, Compassion and Experience. Because You Come First.

We have provided hope in our clients' darkest moments. We have reunited families from possible deportation. We have timely filed our clients' immigration applications and contacted the appropriate Governmental Agencies to ensure that our clients or our clients' relative can lawfully remain in the United States. We have successfully dismissed or minimized criminal charges so that our clients can look forward to the future.

We have eased and lessened our clients' anxiety and worries. Whether it is pre-litigation or post-litigation, our clients received satisfactory monetary compensation for their pain and suffering because of someone's negligent behavior. We put employer's on notice of their wrongful discriminatory practices.

We think from your shoes and devise a narrowly tailored plan suited to your needs. Divorce, child custody and child support can be emotionally devastating and financially burdensome. We want to make this difficult time a little bit better and at the same time we vow to protect your legal interests.

Our local law firm is completely transparent. You hired us and our work product is your property. We work for your pleasure to make sure you are at ease with this legal journey.

We strive to maintain our trustworthy Reputation. We will treat you with dignity and Compassion. We will use our Experience and knowledge to put you at ease. At the Law Office of Andrew Park, You Come First.