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The Law Office of Andrew Park is a boutique law firm that meticulously plans and delivers results for their clients. At this immigration law firm and personal injury law firm, clients receive premiere representation and direct communication with Attorney Andrew Park, allowing for tailored legal strategies that exceed client expectations. With a reputation in providing custom tailored attention to each and every client, Attorney Andrew Park takes his ten year legal expertise in each field to the next level. Clients chose the Law Office of Andrew Park to achieve this personalized attention, optimal results, and premier representation for legal services at affordable rates.

Immigration Law

Our deportation lawyer will fight for you, call us today to learn more! One wrong mistake can either delay your case or possibly place you in removal proceedings.

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Personal Injury Law

Aggressive Personal Injury Attorney you need to fight the Insurance Companies so You can focus on your physical health and recovery

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Employment Law

Employment law can seem confusing. An experienced attorney will provide insight into your situation

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Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or under investigation, it is extremely important you hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. One wrong statement to the authorities may cause serious consequences.

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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce law can be stressful. But with the right guidance, you can get through this event much easier. Contact us today to discuss the details of your divorce.

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The Law Office Of Andrew Park is a boutique immigration law firm and based in Los Angeles, California. Our clients receive personalized representation and legal services through our dedicated Attorney Andrew Park. By listening attentively to his clients, Attorney Andrew Park works toward a positive outcome for a wide range of immigration law matters.

Contact our immigration law firm today to speak with Attorney Andrew Park PERSONALLY! Let us help you with your Immigration Case today. Proven Legal Strategies. Affordable Fees. Flexible Payment Plans Available.

We can assist you with immigration needs if...


  • You're filing a family-based petition.
  • You want to establish permanent residency in the United States.
  • Your Spouse is a United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.
  • Your Child is over 21 years old and is a United States Citizen.
  • You have an Immigration Petition filed by a Relative of an Employer.
  • You or a loved one are facing deportation/removal from the United States.
  • You have a Removal Order or a Voluntary Departure Order.
  • You need to file a Waiver.
  • You have been arrested of a Crime and need help with your Immigration.
  • You're applying for an employment-based visa.
  • You have an employer willing to sponsor you.
  • You have been a Victim of Domestic Violence.
  • You have been a Victim of a Crime.
  • You have to file a Waiver of your Conditional Residency.
  • You want to become a Citizen.


We can assist you with personal injury needs if...

           You were involved in a Car Accident.

           You were involved in a Motorcycle Accident.

           You were involved in a Big Rig Accident.

           You were involved in a Lyft or Uber Accident.

           You need Medical Treatments.

           You need to get your Car or Property Fixed.

           You need a rental car.

           You want compensation for your Pain and Suffering.

           You want compensation for having your life Interrupted.

           You want an Attorney who will reduce his Attorney Fees for You.

           If you have been bitten by a dog.

           If you slip and fall in a Store.

           If you slip and fall in a Residence.


Learn more about your CASE. Call us at 213-344-8440 and you can speak to Attorney Andrew Park PERSONALLY!

Contact our PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY today to speak with Attorney Andrew Park PERSONALLY! We believe that our Clients deserve maximum compensation for their pain and suffering and inconvenience for having their life interrupted. Attorney Andrew Park will always reduce his Attorney Fees to ensure that that his clients receive maximum compensation.

Mission Statement:

We will treat you with dignity and compassion, always thinking from your shoes. We will fight for your cause with a tailored game plan and knowledgeable approach. We will represent your best interests and deliver satisfactory results.
At Law Office of Andrew Park, you come first.

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